Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rock Star Salad

1. baby spinach OR spring mix lettuce
2. strawberries, cut up
3. craisins OR dried cherries
4. walnuts (crumbled by hand into smaller pieces or bought already crumbled, don't send them through your chopper b/c they'll be too small)
5. crumbled feta cheese
6. Brianna's "BlushWine vinaigrette" (pic of a strawberry on the bottle) OR "real French vinaigrette" (pic of an artichoke on the bottle) salad dressing -- you can see pics here:

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl and drizzle dressing on top right before serving. Toss a few times to make sure there's enough dressing and that it's mixed in well.

Any combination of the above ingredients, and you're going to have guests raving!

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